• Tina Mani

Ten tips to make your Facebook page engaging

Here is why you should use your  Facebook  page to drive engagement and conversions

  1. 1/4th of all referral traffic comes from Facebook.

  2. Over 70% of e-commerce marketers have acquired customers through Facebook.

Here are ten tips specially for online retailers to make their facebook post or pages not only engaging, but also driving conversions :

Tip 1: Use product carousels to display multiple products in a single post – show case your most interesting products.

Tip 3: Use a holiday calendar to keep track of holidays and promote special themes

Tip 4: Spend the time to create video posts – people spend 300% more time watching video posts than any other kind of content.

Tip 6: Pin the most interesting  posts on the top.

Tip 7: Use surveys to engage users and boost post virality by 130%!

Tip 8: Build a community feeling by helping people know how others are engaging with you

Tip 10: The latest and greatest – Use Facebook ads with messenger

When someone clicks on your facebook ad, a messenger window is available for you to chat with them.

Your efforts will pay off exponentially. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm shows your fans more and more of your posts each time they interact once with your posts.

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