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Leverage Facebook to Boost your Organic Reach

Are you spending too much on Facebook Ads to stay relevant in the highly demanding eCommerce space? If your Facebook page is just like many other online properties with one-way traffic, then maybe it’s time to learn a few tricks which will help you to build a loyal brand following, improve engagement for your brand and ultimately convert these followers into paying customers.

The social space is exploding with billions of posts, comments and shares every day. It is extremely difficult to stay relevant with so much noise around you unless you have something extremely meaningful and relevant to say to your target audience.

Here are a few tips which will help you improve organic reach, at the same time engage your target audience. Let’s start by understanding the difference between organic reach vs engagement and the impact it has on conversions.

Organic Reach vs Engagement

Organic reach is the total number of people who are shown your post through unpaid distribution, while engagement refers to the actual performance of the post in terms of clicks, likes, and shares. Unlike paid posts, organic reach enables you to display your brand/ products to your followers multiple times in a day without spending on Ads. Here is a screen capture of a campaign. As you would notice the organic reach of the post is 9389, but the engagement for the post is in few hundreds.

Product Posts and its value for Marketers

Post Content is the key element for a successful social media campaign. Most marketers spend a considerable amount of their budget on social media creatives, infographics, videos, etc. While these creatives definitely improve the visual quotient of the post, offering a variety of mixed posts can help drive engagement to a larger audience.

For eCommerce Marketers, your product itself becomes your post. Product posts perform equally well as posts with custom creatives. Research shows that although an industry average reach of a regular post is around 5-6%, product posts do better in terms of performance – almost a good 8% (I’m unable to find the link for this stat, can you pls help where you got this stat)

Building engagement with Product Posts

Keeping people updated with current styles can build engagement.  Post a product carousel e.g. Ladies Bags ,  or post real time views of products that people are viewing at a  given point of time e.g. Ladies Bags Being Viewed in NYC. 

There are several other methods to boost engagement. For example, tag Brand Ambassadors for that product, comment on posts in your industry, post product reviews, and so on. 

Leverage Insights from Behavioural Data to acquire more customers

 eCommerce marketing platforms like YFret analyze behavioral data to determine the audience that is most interested in any set of products. So you can run a “Lookalike Audience” campaign on Facebook for the products you choose, and using this segment as a basis for Facebook to get similar users. Knowing your audience and then using them as a basis to get more similar users ensures that you are spending your money on acquiring visitors who are most likely to buy.

Post Frequency

Post Frequency can determine the engagement as well as brand recall from your target audience. Based on industry research, eCommerce companies should post 2-4 times each day to maximise brand engagement.

Bonus Tips

If you are not leveraging Facebook to reach your followers, here are four reasons you should.

1. It’s Free – Reach out to users who actually follow you without spending on Ads.

2. Save Time and Money – You can create and schedule campaigns with no IT intervention and it will save you several thousand dollars in agency spends.

3. Build Awareness & Recall – Frequently posting product posts keeps your brand fresh in the minds of your audience.

4. Drive Traffic and Sell More – Organic Posts help you get extra clickthroughs with no additional costs on ads or creative banners. This channels traffic to your online store.

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