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How retail brands can stand out in front of likely buyers

With so many stores closing down these days, ts is becoming obvious that retail brands have to strengthen their online presence and draw their customers there. If you are a retailer, it is important to be online and also to stand out and get the attention of your target audience.

Today’s online shoppers are on the move and eager to discover. They do not necessarily know what they’re looking for, they love to keep up with new trends and products matching their interests. If you are a fashion brand, in particular, you have the opportunity to engage your most likely buyers with a personalized fashion catalog – basically, your products that match the customer’s interest.

Here are some tips for online retailers to stand out , build brand loyalty and increase sales

Keep your website dynamic and oriented around product discoverability

Enable your visitors to reach the right products in as few clicks as possible. Equate it to a store where the most interesting products are laid out optimized for easy discovery. Big banners are static images are good visually but some times come in the way of product discovery..

Re-targeting visitors after they leave

It is not enough to have a great website and wait for your customers to come. Your products should reach out to them on the move, on their preferred channel. wherever they are. Your customers will appreciate receiving product recommendations, updates about new products, and content related to the space. These sorts of promotions increase engagement with your brand.

Here are some effective channels to reach your visitors:


Email remains the most popular medium to reach your customers. Your email subscribers are your most loyal audience. To get their attention in the promotional tab, use subject lines that call out and relate to their interests (their favorite category on your site, last purchase, or something trending now).

The open rates you get on emails depends on the subject lines, your history of sending them good content, and their affinity to your brand. You can get open rates as high as 50% for personalized email, and as high as 11-14% for good promotional emails that add value.

Next, even if you spend a lot of time creating beautiful banners, do not expect your busy users to click on them. Instead, present them with products inside the email body.

The benefits are that they discover more products, you save them a click, and there is more chance that one of the products displayed will actually interest them enough to click.

Click rates above 2% are considered good for email campaigns. While the click rate is one of the simple metrics to measure the performance of your campaigns, you may want to measure how many products were viewed and purchased through your mails.

Social Media

Your social media followers can be a great starting point for you to move over to your online site. Facebook is no more just a place for branding, but a great medium to increase conversions.

Simple product posts using your product images can give your fans a feel of what you have without coming to your site. Keep them updated with the most popular products on your site, or the latest, or the ones with markdowns. Keeping a continuous stream of posts going can increase your odds of reaching your fans.

If you are ready to spend on ads, Facebook Lookalike audiences and Custom audiences help you reach the right audience with low ad spend.

Browser Notifications

You do not have to invest in a mobile app to reach your customers on the mobile. There are new simple channels to reach them – browser notifications. These are mechanisms exposed by browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari to send notifications to the user with a simple opt-in.

Ask your mobile website visitors to opt in to these notifications to receive specific value, such as price drop alerts, occasional product updates and content, or personalized recommendations. For these to be effective, you should observe the response to your campaigns and manage the frequency based on how your customers respond to these messages.

Marketing Technology is Accessible

These days, latest advances in technology allow you to hyper-personalize your customer experiences at large scale. You are in a good time where marketing technology is not a nightmare, but accessible, plug-and-play and easy to use without upfront investment and time.

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