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5 Email Marketing Tips for eCommerce Marketers and Online Retailers

E-commerce sales in the US have crossed a whopping $ 200bn, what’s more, it is expected to grow at 10-12% year on year. Imagine the humongous opportunity, as well as competition, that lies ahead for Online Retailers and eCommerce companies.

Online retailers are constantly looking for innovative ways to entice the digital shopper. And what better way than to leverage the most affordable, effective mode of communication – EMAIL

When it comes to email marketing, content is king. Unless you can provide high-quality content which resonates with your audience, there is little chance of it being read or even opened.

The biggest challenge for eCommerce marketers is to create engaging content for their customers, who are ever so distracted with the plethora of offers and discounts around them. That said, let us go through five hand-picked tips on how you can create compelling email campaigns for your customers.

1. Show Relevant Products 

For online retailers, the product itself is the content. And that is half the battle won since you do not have to think what you can write or display. Shoppers want to see the best products they did not find in their search. In this regard, emails can help with product discovery. Shoppers do not want to see emails with endless product categories. Instead, if you can connect with them by analyzing their taste, demography and social preferences, the chances of converting them is much higher.

2. Personalize the Subject

This is the first tip in every book, but it is the most important one. The subject of the email dictates whether the recipient decides to open it or just hit the delete button. And we’re not talking about using their name in the subject line. Instead, include the product name that draws their interest. For e.g. If a shopper was looking for a laptop bag and he receives an email with the subject “79 Software Engineers from 45th Avenue bought this bag in the past 10 days”, the chances of them opening the email is much higher. The assumption, of course, is that the audience is a software engineer who resides in that location. While that’s just an example, I’m sure you get the drift.

3. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have tremendous validation quotient. The third thing which every shopper views, after the design and price, is the review from other shoppers. It gives them the assurance and increases the trust in your brand. This is very important while shopping online and sets you apart for future shopping and product references.

4. Related Product Recommendations

Shopping is addictive. Triggering a ‘Related Products’ campaign just after someone bought a specific product can help you cross-sell better. For e.g. If someone bought a new MacBook, chances are they would be looking for a protective sleeve or shell to accessorize their prized possession. Again, this campaign should be aligned with their taste and social standing.

5. Dropped Price Alert

Everyone loves a deal! Based on the customer’s browsing history and time spent on your site, you can notify them about a time bound offer. Most online shoppers never want to miss out on a good deal, thus increasing your chances of conversion.

The above tips are few of the many to follow in your daily checklist of to-dos. But implementing them manually can be a herculean task. Thankfully modern eCommerce Marketing Automation platforms like YFret empower you to automate all the above campaigns effortlessly.

Do Ask for a Demo and we will walk you through all the above best practices.

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