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Rich interactive and personalized experiences for your customers where they are - at home, on the move, or at your store.  Our  voice commerce platform powered by deep learning engine AURA transforms your customer journey from discovery to conversion to loyal brand ambassadors

Our Offerings


for your buyers

Voice shopping interactions from rich marketing outreaches to a full shopping experience


for your sellers

A voice app for your store assistants to process customer requests, help them find products and set up appointments


in real time

Personalized search, recommendations & a real time user profile available as APIs for your website & app too


Voice Commerce: Buyers

Rich conversational interactions from marketing campaigns to a full shopping experience - on a Google Assistant with no installation on a mobile, Android TV or just a voice button on your app

Open up conversations from your marketing outreach. 

Celebrity Marketing

Rapid Fire Voice Quizzes 

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Voice Surveys

Appointment Setting

Quick form fill

Use our dashboard to create a quick interactive campaign and send the link in your marketing outreach

Lead into an end to end shopping experience  

  • What’s popular in shoes these days?

  • I am looking for red dresses

  • What is new at the store?

  • Please suggest some shoes

  • Place an enquiry 

  • Add the first product to cart

  • Check out my cart

  • Place an order

  • Yes notify me about new products

Get your own branded shopping app. Give us a link to your catalog and get started in  just a week

Voice Commerce: Sellers

Make it easy for your store assistants and resellers to serve your customers interactively

  • Show me today's inquiries

  • Find products for the customer

  • Find product information

  • Mark the order as ready to pick up

  • Set up an appointment


People expect relevant and quick responses from a voice assistant.  AURA learns the customer’s taste like a human - in real time and responds with relevant products or content. in less than 1/5 of a second.  


AURA APIs are also available to personalize the very first visit of your customers your website, app or chat bot

  • New Arrivals for you

  • Trending in your location

  • Best sellers fro you

  • Recommended for you

  • Similar products for you

  • Curated for you

Personalized search results based on the taste of the user starting from  the first visit

The user profile generated  from the browsing - for eg., the top category, premium user, or based on any attribute in the catalog - available instantly for your store assistant , or for the marketing team 

Integrate your user events using our Javascript or REST APIs and get started in no time

  > 70% customers do not come back to a site to buy something,   so get the most out of the first visit. 

Over a period of 36 months




3 weeks after upgrading to AURA

Order to Cart Ratio


Results from a premium jewelry brand

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 Tina Mani 

We offer digital experiences that are as close to human interactions as possible.  At YFret (Why Fret), our mission is to simplify the life of consumers and businesses using state of the art technology


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