Online Content Recommendation Engine

With built-in campaign management

    Content Engine in Auto-Pilot Mode

    Easy one-time setup, then content is continuously generated based on real time user behavior, product segmentation, social feeds, or any externally fed data.

    Highly Relevant to Audience

    Rich showcasing content for everyone, specific stuff for segments, OR personalized recommendations and notification alerts to individuals.

    Across All Digital Touchpoints

    Engage your users across the web, mobile app, web browser, email, SMS, FB Page. Our built-in campaign management system is out-of-the-box ready to use, pick the optimum one.

    Highly configurable and flexible engine

    Simple filters to dynamically segment content, handpick products to showcase, or fine tune our ready-made recommendations. Choose from your own beautiful static templates or our built-in templates.

    One Time Fast Integration - 2 days

    Simple Javascript code to integrate your website events, social content, a single day to integrate our SDK to your mobile app.

    High ROI effective campaigns

    Measure user response and retarget on the right medium. Set up daily or weekly repeat campaigns, watch and tweak them.


We believe that your content has to be as dynamic as your brain. Are you showcasing the right products or services - all the time? Are you reaching out to individuals with specific needs real time, with the right help? We make it very easy to build content with real time data and make it seamlessly available across all digital touchpoints - your website, mobile app, email, SMS, FB and more.


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